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General Rules

To all taking part in or observing common ridings and festivals in the Scottish Borders area:

Whilst every care has been taken by the organising committee and relevant landowners in facilitating these events, the committees and landowners will not be responsible for any injury to any person taking part in any way whatsoever in the event nor liable for any damage resulting from acts or omissions of any participants or spectators.

It is the responsibility of those taking part, or their legal guardians in the case of minors, to ensure that participants have appropriate and adequate insurance cover for personal injury and third party liability cover and that they take all reasonable steps to ensure their own safe participation in the events.  In particular in relation to equestrian events, they are advised to ensure both they and their mounts are both suitable and competent and that riders wear appropriate protective clothing, including headgear.

Please note that the organising committee reserve the right to refuse any person from participating in the event and to change the routes/times at short notice if necessary.

For the attention of all riders

1.  Horse riding is a dangerous sport; anyone who follows in the cavalcade during the Jethart Callant’s Festival puts himself or herself at risk.  The rides to Morebattle, Southdean and Redeswire are all in excess of twenty miles and cover some rough country, therefore they require a high level of fitness from both horse and rider and are not suitable for novices

2.  Any horse or rider, who, in the opinion of the marshals or organising committee is not capable of completing any of the rides for any reason, will be asked to leave the ride

3.  Marshals will be appointed for each rideout and will wear armbands for identification

These Marshals are appointed to assist in the smooth running of the Festival and all riders are requested to follow their requests/instructions at all times

4.  The Herald is the Official Timekeeper and Pacemaker on the ride-outs and should not be overtaken, unless authorised to do so

5.  The route taken by the Herald is the only one that should be followed

6.  No person should ride in the Cavalcade who may require to be led, unless they have made arrangements for someone to lead them.  It is also important that they are able to keep up with the Cavalcade

7.  An experienced adult should accompany all young riders; all young riders must carry contact details for parent or guardian with them

8.  If any rider requires assistance then a Marshal should help.  In the absence of a Marshal, only one or two riders should stop and help.  In order to keep the Cavalcade together, all other riders should carry on

9.  If any rider has to leave the ride and return home it may be quicker to return by road. However, if returning through fields always remember to close gates.  Also, any riders leaving the Cavalcade will be responsible for making their own way home

10. Because of flood damage, work in progress, etc. on the various routes, the Festival Committee reserve the right to alter the route of the Cavalcade on any of the ride-outs during the Festival

11. Any rider who fails to obey instructions may be asked to leave the ride

12. It is strongly recommended that all riders wear riding hats to the current safety standard with chin straps fastened

13. All riders must have their own public liability insurance

14. Jethart Callant’s Festival accepts no liability for accident, illness or injury to horses, riders, spectators or any other person or property

15. The Muster point for ALL rideouts will be in the Old Bongate (Back Bongate)

16. Grid references are to be found on Landranger maps 74 & 80

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