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By Mr. T. Wight


When through the streets the Callant rides
On Jethart Callant’s Day,
Fine lads and lassies gather round
To cheer him on his way;
They sing aloud with cheerful hearts,
Their voices ne’er restrain
And as he proudly rides away
You hear this sweet refrain:

 Refrain –

Ride on, brave Jethart Callant.
Astride your noble grey
By Ferniehirst and Lintalee,
The scene of many a fray.
Your stirring songs will capture
The hearts of all who ride
Behind oor Callant, with the flag
He bears aloft with pride.

 The jingling sound of bit and spur
Of Jethart’s Cavalcade
Will long be heard in Jedworth’s vale
As summers come and fade.
The rider Jed will sing with them
When the past the Capon Tree
The Callant rides with head erect,
A symbol of the free.



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