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How it Began...

On the 7th February 1947 a Committee named the Border Games Festival Committee called a meeting to discuss further the formation of a Pageant.

Judge Jack presided and those present were Messrs A Cairncross, D Thomson, T K Middlemist, T Dryburgh, W Henderson, A Fairbairn, J Hewie and Councillors JHL Hope,  J Elliot, J Dryden, also present were A O Clarkson [acting hon. secretary] and D J Cochrane [Hon. Treasurer]

Office bearers were elected and a programme for the Pageant was adopted after a very enthusiastic discussion.  The programme include:

Thursday evening - presentation of Flag and Sashes to Jethart Callant and his Right and Left Hand Men; "Nicht Afor the Morn" Reunion Concert in the Public Hall

Friday - Cavalcade to assemble at the Lower Ramparts at 10.00am.  Platform to be erected in front of the Unionist Club; Provost would buss the Flag and charge the Callant with its safe-keeping. Cavalcade would then proceed out Jedwater road led by the Jethart Callant and supported by his Right and Left Hand Men, each being armed with a replica of the Jeddart Axe, to Ferniehurst Castle.  Company to sing one verse each of 'Jethart's Here' and the 'Brave Lads of Jethart'.  The Cavalcade then moved on to Lintalee to celebrate the defeat of the English in 1317 - the company sang as at Ferniehurst Castle.  Cavalcade then returned to the town and fording the River Jed at the 'Auld Brig', then onto the War Memorial for a ceremony.

A further meeting held on 1st April, 1947 elected Mr T Dryburgh as Herald.

On 9th May 1947 the Committee were informed that 11 names had been submitted for the election of Callant and Right and Left Hand Men, ballot papers were issued and the result is our history.

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